RTTGroup plug-in replaces and extends the render to texture functionality built-in into 3ds Max.

  • Texture rendering from many objects into a single resulting texture (3ds Max always renders separate texture for each object). It extremely increases the efficiency of usually limited texture space.
  • The user controls the number of resulting textures assigned to the objects group. Many objects can be packed into a single texture or a single object split among several textures in order to achieve a higher resolution and quality of rendered texture.
  • It allows for processing hundreds of objects and packing all of them into desired number of resulting textures.
  • Advanced and space efficient automatic unwrap mapping algorithm - it easily manages complicated meshes and shapes and ensures optimal texture space usage with dense packing. The wide set of parameters gives the user a comprehensive control over the automatic unwrap mapping process.
  • The unlimited number of RTTGroup groups in the scene, each with its own set of parameters controlling the resolution and number of resulting textures and controlling the automatic unwrap mapping.
  • RTTGroup offers a very convenient way of controlling texture sizes - texels sizes are specified in scene units. The program also displays the texture size in relation to objects in a scene.
  • It's possible to display the scene with original or "baked" textures.
  • The interface is easy to learn and the plug-in offers many other useful options.
  • The plug-in is MaxScript scriptable, ready for automatic any render-to-texture related tasks.